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Nocellara olives 4.95

Spiced almonds  4.75

Garden cherry tomatoes, buckwheat 6.75

Homemade bread  4.95

OAK Garden salad 5.45


Soup of the day 7.75 

Smoked hokkaido pumpkin arancini, aioli 8.75

Hummus, harissa, garden greens, and Hodmedods chickpeas 9.95

Middle ground Beetroot, homemade ricotta, quince, fig leaf oil 9.8

Charlotte potato, thyme and Old Winchester flatbread 11.5

Kuri Squash, roasted almond, zhoug 10.5

Pearl barley orzotto, beetroot, summer savoury, candied walnuts  11.25

Cannellini beans, celeriac, gremolata 10.95

Ravioli, homemade ricotta, spinach, pine nuts 12.95


Dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut ice cream  9.95

Fig leaf ice cream, almond 8.25

Apple cake, apple ice cream, almond 8.95

Tinto, caramelised onion chutney, homemade crackers  9.5

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